Brand BAUMY is a result of successful operations within the company ALMY Ltd. Zenica.
30 years of traditions and hard work is what makes the company Almy recognizable and respectable within the Bosnian market. The idea for the brand Baumy appeared a few years ago and the realizationof it followed in 2014.
Modern technology, trained and professional staff, systematic process of production and of course high quality products are the characteristics that describes the brand BAUMY the best. The entire production is automated in a modern production hall of 1,500 m2.
It is important to say that our brand BAUMY has won several awards on the prestige ZEPS fair. At the ZEPS fair in 2014, BAUMY was awarded for the collection of colors, facade, powder products, adhesives and mortars, while at the ZEPS fair held in 2015 and 2016 received an award for product promotion. As the only brand with such acclaim in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is proof that foreign does not always mean better.

The annual capacity of production for powder programs is 15,000 tons and 2,000 tons for the liquid program.